Yard Space


Yard Dimensions (Feet)

Yard: 20′(L) x 10′(W)



Yard Dimensions (Feet)

20′(L) x 10′(W)

Payment Terms

The amount listed is for one month of storage, starting from the payment date. When you first arrive to use your container and/or yard, you will need to sign our terms & conditions in person. We will then set-up a direct debit for ongoing monthly storage payments depending on your requirements.

Terms & Conditions

You can download our terms & conditions in PDF format here.

What’s not allowed in our storage containers or yard spaces
    • Food or perishable goods
    • Toxic, pollutants or contaminated goods
  • Firearms, munitions or explosives
  • Radioactive material
  • Flammable or hazardous goods
  • Any item emitting fumes, odour or smell
  • Living plants or animals
  • Cash & securities
  • Fireworks
  • Illegal goods
  • Waste
  • Tyres