Furniture Storage Tips

Storing furniture seems like a challenging quest, however, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some top-tips that will help you keep your furniture in good condition and avoid damage.

If you have any wooden furniture it’s always good to apply furniture oil to those wooden pieces before storing so that you can add extra protection to the item. Just check that the wood is suited to the furniture oil and you’re on your way to keeping your wooden pieces in great condition.

For your bigger items (like tables and bed frames etc) our top-tip is to dismantle this furniture and keep all the screws in labelled boxes or bags. This way you can keep everything organised and save a LOT of space in your storage container.

Finally, we want to avoid any scuffs, bumbs or scratches in order to keep our furniture in great condition. In order to do this we want to ensure that we cover the furniture with paper pads or bubble wrap when stacking the furniture.