Different sizes of containers and their advantages

Dog peeking out of storage box

Looking for a storage container, but aren’t sure of the size you need? Our handy guide can point you in the right direction.

Basic containers

An easy solution is a standard household storage container – for example, our basic containers offer around 20 feet of internal space, meaning you could fit almost every basic furnishing inside – from your washing machine, cooker and fridge, to a double bed, sofa and wardrobe.

This size of container is perfect if you’re downsizing your home, or if you’re in between a move and need somewhere to temporarily hold the contents of your house.

Containers with yard space

Containers with yard space offer the same benefits as basic containers, but they’re more useful if you’ve also got vehicles or bigger items that you could keep outside. As a guide, our containers with yard space offer 19 feet of internal space, and the same amount of yard space on top.

If you’re relocating temporarily for a job and won’t need to take your car or furniture with you, containers with yard space mean they’re safely stored until you return. They’re also a good idea for businesses – for instance, if you work in agriculture and need somewhere to keep smaller farming vehicles or ride-on lawnmowers, added yard space is always handy, and office supplies and equipment can be kept safe inside.

If you’re interested in storage solutions, take a look at the containers we offer, or get in touch to find out about our business rates on storage containers. Whatever you’re looking to store, Inside Out Storage offers cheap storage containers that are sure to suit your needs.