Appliance Storage Tips

Appliance storage can be pretty straight forward, afterall, the majority are just boxes. If you want to avoid any scruff, of course, bubble wrap or paper pads can help in keeping your items in good shape. Our main recommendation are ensuring that you clean your appliances before storing. It’s also best to leave your appliance […]

Electronic Storage Tips

Electronics can get very messy and disorganised very quickly (trust us). Here are some quick-tips that will help you keep your electronics in the same condition and in an organised manner. When storing your electronics it’s ideal to keep them in their original box. This way you know what’s inside and know that it’s suitable […]

Furniture Storage Tips

Storing furniture seems like a challenging quest, however, it doesn’t have to be! Here are some top-tips that will help you keep your furniture in good condition and avoid damage. If you have any wooden furniture it’s always good to apply furniture oil to those wooden pieces before storing so that you can add extra […]

General Storage Tips

A quick blog on how to keep your general storage neat, tidy and out of harm’s way! Before you begin to pack, move and store anything you’re going to want to make sure that you have a list of everything you’re going to take. We’ve found it super helpful to create the list with sections […]