In our cluttered modern lives, it’s all too easy to end up with an excessive amount of items. While you might be happy to throw away some of your excess possessions, some things are just too precious to part with. Renting a storage container is a great way to store extra items without having to spend a fortune. If you live in North Wales, we can provide cheap storage containers for rent near you. We offer several types, so here are a few things to consider.

1. Security

If you are storing valuable items, you need to make sure that your storage container is safe. Storage containers are fitted with tie-down steel locking hatches and come with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, so you can rest easy knowing that your possessions are safe. At Inside Outside Storage, our containers are also weather resistant to protect your valuables from the elements.

2. Do you require yard space?

If you wish to store a vehicle along with your possessions, opt for yard space as well. Yard spaces are big enough to accommodate a car or a caravan and also come with 24 hour CCTV surveillance and a bolt-on gate for added security.

3. Do you need electricity?

If you require electricity for your container or yard space, this can usually be provided for a small additional cost paid via an electric card. High-speed WiFi is also usually included with this service.

4. What can’t you store?

For safety reasons, there are certain items that you are not allowed to keep in a storage container. These include food and other perishables, flammable or radioactive materials, cash and securities, fireworks, firearms, and any illegal items. For a full list, please check our website

If you’re looking for cheap household storage containers near you, or great business rates on storage containers to rent, we can help. We’re always happy to answer questions, so get in touch today for a free quote.