7 things you need to know to maximise your storage unit

Storage unit with items inside

To get the most value from your container storage units for rent, it’s important to know how to pack the space efficiently. Here are 7 easy things you can do to maximise the space in your household storage container:

1 – Start with the perimeter

To make it easier to access everything, line the perimeter of the container with your storage boxes, drawers and any shelving units you have.

2 – Place the most used items at the entrance

Although most people won’t need to visit their units regularly, others may want to be able to access some of their items occasionally. To make this easier, store items you need to access often at the front, where they are easy to find.

3 – Use shelving and drawers

Using shelving makes it simpler to vertically store items. It also keeps them in good condition and easier to organise and retrieve. Also, if you’re storing furniture like a chest of drawers, store smaller items inside them.

4 – Pack furniture vertically

Bulky furniture like beds and sofas take up a lot of ground space, so storing them vertically saves room for other things.

5 – Create a layout plan

Create a layout plan of where you have put all of your boxes and furniture. Also, take photos of each box’s contents on your phone and label each one so it’s easier to find stuff if you unexpectedly need it.

6 – Buy the right sized boxes

Get boxes that are the right size for your belongings, otherwise, you will waste so much of the unused space found inside the packaging. Boxes will also be easier to carry. You can kill two birds with one stone by using sheets and towels instead of paper or bubble wrap to protect fragile goods.

7 – Vacuum pack bed sheets and clothes

Stored clothes can take up a lot of space and look messy. Packing them in air-tight vacuum bags leaves them flat and protected from dust and damp. This can save a lot of space.

At Inside Outside Storage, we have inexpensive container storage units for rent to cover all of your storage needs. Contact us now if you’re wondering where you can rent a container for storage.